Your Partner for Custom Molded Plastics

Tuthill Plastics Group is a full-service injection molding company. For over 50 years, we have been the preferred partner for hundreds of top tier companies trusted to support their molded component requirements. Our expertise across a broad range of industries includes critical to function and tight tolerance applications as well as commodity grade components.


By implementing lean manufacturing tools through our proprietary Tuthill Business System, we deliver extreme value across low and high-volume production quantities.

Tuthill Plastics Group Maintains the Following Industry Registrations:

  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ITAR Registration

  • UL Registration

Over-Molded Fluid Filter Body

Tuthill Plastics' over molds a rolled, fine mesh tube to create a fluid filter housing for chemical and fuel pump applications.

MK244 Armor Piercing Projectile

This ammunition is found on many ships in the U.S. Navy's fleet. Tuthill assembles the metal components and creates the projectile by over-molding the assembly with an Ultem polymer.


Utilized on medical equipment, Tuthill produces this battery housing bumper out of thermoplastic elastomer resin suitable for use in medical device applications.

Rolling Bearing Cage

This part holds metal rollers encased in roller bearings in an automotive steering system. It is made from high strength, glass-filled nylon resin to resist heat, wear and mechanical stress.

Pneumatic Pump Housing

This part serves as the inlet/outlet housing for a pneumatic pump in applications that require a vacuum, such as medical devices, lab equipment and pneumatic lifting of glass and granite.

Tank Adaptor

Our polymer components are assembled with various parts to create a chemical tank adapter. The main housing is bonded using a specialized weldment design for high strength and reliability.

Heat Exchanger End Cap

This end cap is used in heat exchangers for marine engines. Its tooling features several slides and 10 over-molded inserts that serve as compression limiters, and threaded ports for hoses.

Small Parts

With press tonnages ranging from 40 to 400 ton, Tuthill can produce a variety of parts from simple geometric shapes with low gram weight to large-scale, highly complex parts.

Polymer Components

Tuthill produces a wide range of high strength polymer components used across the firearms industry including fore-ends, grips, and butt-stocks.

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