Part Design

Need a Plastic Part Designed?

Our Plastic Part Design Engineers will design your part using the latest technology from concept to finished product. We'll design a plastic part to meet the needs and specifications you require. We can handle military specifications, FDA requirements, and demanding metal to plastic conversions. Our Plastic Part Design Engineers will help you choose the plastic, recommend the mold, provide prototypes for testing, and manufacture your newly designed plastic part.

  • Solidworks, Pro-E & AutoCad
  • Plastic Part Material selection
    • 20,000 thermoplastic materials to choose from
    • Compare Plastic Materials
    • We can help choose the right plastic for nuclear applications
  • Determine the best Manufacturing method for your plastic part
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Product Failure Analysis
  • Metal To Plastic Conversions

We also work with durable fiber reinforced thermoplastic resins to design parts for especially demanding applications.

We deliver intricate, close tolerance parts.