Fluid Handling

Tuthill serves two very diverse types of fluid handling – Industrial and Beverage Dispensing.

Beverage Dispensing:  When you have your continental breakfast at the hotel – take a look at the Vitality Orange Juice dispenser – we are there.  Or have a Coke… we supply components for the syrup delivery system.

Have a coffee from a Nestle machine – we are there too!  We’d like to include you in our list of customers.  To supply this area – we comply with FDA compliance and NSF.  Tuthill has been supplying beverage components for more than twenty years.

Industrial:  We make a number of components for industrial pumps and meters for the fast and safe transfer of a wide range of fuels and chemicals.  The line includes digital, mechanical, peristaltic pumps and meters for agriculture and all other industrial uses.   We add value by providing assemby and testing of  sub-assemblies to provide ease at the customer production line.

We supply products for water meters on the residential and commercial side – such as lenses and housings.  We also supply to the water purification market with assembled hose connection kits and other products.