Insert Molding

What is insert molding?

Insert molding is a process in which plastic is injected into a mold that contains an pre-placed insert. The result of insert molding is a single molded plastic piece with an insert surrounded by the plastic. Inserts can be made of metals or different types of plastic. Insert molding is used in many industries. Applications of insert molding include insert-molded couplings, threaded fasteners, filters, and electrical components.

How can insert molding save you money?

Insert molding expands the capabilities of plastic and can help reduce the cost of products by limiting the amount of costly metals needed to manufacture products.

Why choose us for your insert molding needs?

  • We're experts at insert molding close tolerance engineered components
  • We're ISO9001:2000 and UL certified
  • We can help you design your plastic part with any insert molding needs you have
  • Use our design services to save money on metal to plastic part conversions
  • We deliver intricate, close-tolerance parts of the highest possible quality
  • We deliver high-volume work at the lowest possible cost
  • On time delivery

Examples of current products using insert molding and overmolding:

Stainless Steel Insert
Stainless Steel Insert
Nylon Mesh Molding
Nylon Mesh
Stainless Steel Insert
Stainless Steel
Threaded Brass Insert
Threaded Brass
Stainless Steel Pin Insert
Stainless Steel Pin Insert
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